Benefits of Membership

At the Local/Chapter Level—

  • An avenue for making a difference in one’s

            local community

  • Opportunities to participate in the cultural atmosphere

             of the homeland

  • Connection with cultural roots

  • Opportunities to broaden dimensions of one’s social life


At the State Level—

  • Opportunities to participate in DBE cultural and social activities such as: 

            The Annual Council meeting in March

            Founder's Day Tea, April

            The Annual Bazaar, October

  • Advance notice of Chapter events e.g. musical and theater events, pub nights, seasonal celebrations,                 brunches, luncheons, teas, fashion shows, bring-and-buy sales and auctions

  • A wide social network of philanthropy and connectivity with British and Commonwealth culture 


At the National Level—

  • Participation in and support of international peace and cooperation e.g.

             The Queen Elizabeth II September 11th Garden at Hanover Square, New York NY

             The International Peace Garden. Dunseith ND 

             The Cleveland Cultural Gardens, Cleveland OH

  •  Access to “DBE World”, a national magazine of interest to women with British or Commonwealth                    ancestry. In addition to news about DBE, there is often other useful information e.g. regarding                green cards, immigration status and pension issues; tips for protecting personal ID                and credit etc. and articles submitted by members.

  •  Access to the Members Only area on the National site  including British and              Commonwealth items for sale 

  •  Attendance option for the Annual National Convention in May—various venues across the USA

  •  Information which helps promote friendship amongst English-speaking peoples

  •  Reciprocal communication and representation of interests with British and Commonwealth                           government agencies